Maya Healing Australasia Welcomes You

The work is profoundly soothing on your body and soul.

It relies on you doing the work at home with your own hands to heal yourself.

Wondrous results from letting your body heal – with your own tender ministrations.
Maya abdominal massage is a gentle non-invasive, external massage that is effective for anyone.

It is is part of a combination of techniques that work by relieving any inner congestion, Improving the flow of circulatory, lymphatic, fluid and nervous systems and the Qi (pronounced ‘chee’) allows your body to heal itself.

 Misplaced organs?

It is totally likely that your uterus (or prostate) is misaligned –

imbalancing all other aspects of your life

How can/did this happen?

Any fall or incident can disrupt the delicate balance of ligaments – permanently – specially when the uterus is under lad – about to bleed or is bleeding – or when carrying a growing baby – any small fall – especially when not totally well overall – can do this – and leave you with an injury no on knows about.

Whether or not the uterus or prostate have been removed – the ligaments are no longer doing what they are to do – and there you are – in constant pain to be adjusted constantly . .

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Sastun My Apprenticeship With A Maya Healer – PREVIEW .
(Dr Rosita Arvigo’s work with Don Elijio Panti is showcased in this film)
Dr Arvigo’s many books can be sourced as her work can also from her official site