Inner scarring From any fall, and from any surgical procedure – regardless of how small. Adhesions are strands of collagen that form in the body after a surgery, trauma, infection or inflammation. Unfortunately, they are rarely discussed and many patients … Continue reading

Investment in the new you

Women’s bodies are a gift They also respond very differently to life lived within than in a man’s one. Maintenance is needed for best results. That is the women’s wisdoms of time past: the self care massage and of course … Continue reading

Vulvadynia/pelvic pain

Vulvadynia Pain in the vulva – and by extension – all through the pelvis . . And your life What to do? ‘Manage’ symptoms? Or actually undo what has happened to you? If you have ‘had enough’ to reach out … Continue reading

New Brisbane location for womb work

A dedicated pelvic repair centre Maternal and Menstrual Rescues Calm peaceful within – and lovely garden outside to greet you Filled with flowers for the lustre bowls I use Life Alignment Centre 10 Kitchener St Coorparoo 4151 Brisbane Parking within … Continue reading

Blocked tubes (male and female)

Women Often I hear of cases where the last resort was used as though it were the only one. Not so. Women are told that their case is only ‘helped’ by surgery (remove the offending tube). Before there was … Continue reading

What Lies Beneath?

Welcome!!!! As a natural health care professional I have never taken at face value what I am told (well actually never as a person have I either) – we all bring ourselves to this place ans have all congregated perfectly … Continue reading

Belly care

We are only as well as our gut. Gut health The Maya work – and all I do – involves a total package. What can YOU do to help yourself? Stop breaking normal for starters . . Cold   My … Continue reading