Healing Our Inner Mother

A one-day event prior to the Arvigo Self Care Level 1 weekend inner retreat.

Experiential . . . .

We will dive into our inner pain/our ‘selves’ in the class

(We have all been birthed and reared – and have taken on our mother’s ‘stuff’
Regardless of whether you are also a ‘mother’ yet – or if you

 work with pregnancy and women who have birthed.

‘Healing After Birth’/Healing the Inner Mother  – (as the babies we were – and maybe the mother, for our own mothers and as the mothers we are) how this has impacted who we are on the day of the Friday 26th January – and how we can undo all of this to be free – as an entry into all the nourishing Arvigo® work is, and does.

Please aim to attend as it will broaden your experience in the follow-on Self Care Arvigo® course.

You will learn how to undo yourself from your inner shackles.

This is separate to the Self Care work . .
(Is half price to those who are on both).

Please bring a shared meal – we are vegetarian and non dairy/gluten to make it easier for most . .

To book for the Self Care class you also need to go to the official Arvigo®site. 

(It is an intimate space and a small class .  –  please act now).

Places are limited.

Book in now, and be ready to change your world!

Date: January 26th 2018
Time: 09:00 – 4.30pm
Location: Brisbane

Registration includes resources

 . . . and wonderful ambiance as we learn what lies beneath . .

If attending the Self Care course on the same day, use this
discount coupon to register for half price: SC1+