February 2018 Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® SELF CARE LEVEL ONE

Maternal and Menstrual Rescue.
Sexual freedom through healing all wounds.
Invest in true healing. Our own. Ourselves.
Your gift to yourself
Heartful. Deeply respectful. Touch.
Undoing all layers of masks and adhesion and scarring all levels. Scary?
Gentle, profound and deeply healing.

Please also read the general self care information here first.

16 – 18th February, West Coast, NZ
Heather’s Healing Retreat, Atarau (Greymouth area)

NOTE – this is the pre requisite for the PCT – Professional Care training that is to be in NZ in February 2018.

If you wish to start an entirely new career – this is the initial course to allow you to do so.
OR you may just want to be yourself, in a more clear and happy way.

This is your investment in taking charge of your own life through easy daily self care practices that most have never heard of (perineal steaming as a start here) . .

This then will enhance any thing else you do.

Payment is in two portions

  1. Registration Fee to the Arvigo® Institute – US$98
    This covers the tithing to the Belizean youth and herb project $US40 and $US58 to the USA office for administration and course manual costs.

    1. Please register with the Arvigo® Office – it will be posted soon
      In the meantime please register below with Heather as spaces are limited.

    2. Course Fee to Heather Bruce:

    Early Bird: AU$400 Pay by February 16th 2018

    Click “Add to Bag” below and enter the Discount Coupon: EARLYBIRD


    Full Fee: AU$495 after February 16th 2018

  2.  If you wish to also partake of the Healing the Wounded Healer course – as it is all connected .. and leads into you into ever more – maybe Living Ligaments if you so wish . Do contact me if you would like to be involved in the entire package – so we can tailor it for you  .

    Both the Registration Fee and the Course Fees must be paid before the course starts.

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