Healing the Wounded Healer (19 – 22nd February)

You may be called.

If this is you – contact me so we can start immediately with the pre course work as it will revolutionise all you are and to be from now on. Guaranteed!

Monday 19th – Your investment includes a private 3 hour healing session with Heather and/or a free day to explore the local heritage beauty as a ‘day off’ in between courses – Self Care is a pre requisite for this work.

Tuesday – Thursday

Be amazed . . we travel far within.
Much pre course work is expected of you.
Start as soon as you have the payments set up – as this will give you a new You fast and safely possible. See what others have said here.

It sets you up to unto the trappings of having been you.
Includes all the courses that I send out to patients who are on my intensives.

(You get 1:1 with me as we undo you and you see/feel how it is so very possible to shift what is no longer fitting your new and now life). This personal session allows anything that is ready to shft to do so.

Come and find out your inner trajectory that will assist in your transition into a Gentling Way practitioner – always – we work on what is hindering out own clarity to then be able to stand for the understanding of others.

From Healing the Wounded Healer – w will travel into Living Ligaments later in the year  .

A combo of all of my 40 years of putting together Moving Blockages to Healing along with the recent Maya and Mercier add ins . .

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