Investment in the new you

Women’s bodies are a gift

They also respond very differently to life lived within than in a man’s one.
Maintenance is needed for best results. That is the women’s wisdoms of time past: the self care massage and of course – the understanding of what creates what . .this infers that you also know that you are in charge, that a period is just a monthly report card. You do need all the ingredients to make the monthly baby nest – and these need to be flowing well – otherwise you have ‘issues’.

Regardless of their label – POCS/fibroids.endometriosis/period pain, adenomyosis, blocked tubes etc: easily being a woman is all a matter of getting the flows to easily flow again and the necessary ingredients to be available.

Using Maya work means your commitment to yourself and your own self care

Besides seeing someone who walks you through what to do for yourself daily at home, and who gives at least a 90 minute session – (not just the belly work – but with your back – to straighten the pelvis and the entire structure) you find someone who sees you as a whole unit – not as bits too ‘fix’.. The circulation and impingement in your pelvis is often what is holding your belly hostage. Maya belly work is highly effective. It gently allows all that has been stored in your body – often all your life – to be undone at a pace you can handle.

Maya/Arvigo workers all bring in also different tools



In my case, being a women’s natural health care professional of over 36 years prior to discovering this adjunct, I was also the only woman in Brisbane city in the late 1970’s to work as a natural health consultant with pregnancy and fertility enhancement.

This was before IVF and before even the diagnosis of endometriosis. I went about undoing all that set this up and rescued lives one at a time.

These same techniques, and all that I have added into my multi modality transformative energy body work mean that this is also on board when you chose to see me about improving the flow of all (Life force, blood – Qi and nerve supply) to your body – especially your pelvis.

My forty years of assisting sufferers to live well again means that the Arvigo/Maya work is an aspect of the care you receive when consulting with me. After this time, I have seen the best way to alter lives.In a course of sessions close together – the body gets the optimal opportunity to make the changes needed.

Programmes of care?

I see people now as intensive programmes only – as coming in on your schedule a few times when you can fit it in is less effective for your body to heal practical for you to heal.

To sign up for IVF or chemo – one expects to have this as a priority – no less when I am assisting you to do the apparently impossible heal from what orthodox medical advice says generally is impossible.
And also very likely – when we put your healing as a priority , not your fitting in spare tie and resources when you can . ..because the ‘I can’t’ is often all part of the picture – to hard for too long – and needing to change is the issue you really face – and it is YOUR life – not mine that requires the help.  I say this as were it mine – I would be there ‘boots and all’ to make sure that I got the most of the experience.


What you bring into a session

Along the way, you may encounter a lot of resistance within you as the lots of time and resources is not what you sign up for when someone else takes over  and tried to force change upon your body.
You may have experience a lot of medical interventions – or none.

You may have experienced (and usually buried) a fright, sexual or otherwise and this may well be playing underneath the now distressing physical body warnings (ailments that no one yet has ‘fixed’).

Or it may be that you have been informed that you are ‘too old’ or ‘too fat’ or too something to make great babes naturally – or you may be recovering from surgery of any description, and/or just do not feel like ‘yourself’

What ever the ‘problem’ helping yourself to heal is what the Maya work is about.

What I expect of you

1 – Commitment to self help

It is YOUR body and YOUR life that the work is to assist.
What you put in in any venture is usually related to what you get out of it – the journey is more important than the destination as the learnings along the way allow you to undo what you had to have things happen for . .

2 – An understanding that healing takes time

Natural undoing of what has lead you to needing to seek help is usually not the first thing that you have thought of doing. Past hoping it will all go away, next usually is what friends or relations say to do – usually an orthodox  medical check up. As they work on acute and severe, the women’s issues that would have not happen ha we all been initiated into the use of women’s bodies when we changed from being a girl to a woman in puberty are now sorely missed.
Not that we knew to miss them.

3 – An awareness that unpacking what is stored within is crucial

I have discovered using this, and allied work that close together sessions (no further than a week apart, preferably closer) allow all that has been collected and stored in your body to be uncovered and to flow out. Away. Leaving the clarity that the blueprint was to give you. This includes easy periods with no hassles or pain, easy sexuality where there was just pleasure, easy fertility – in fact too easy as sex is to make babies, easy pregnancies as again – sex is expected to bear fruit and easy life as a woman thereafter – aging easily – all no hassle.
If this has not been your experience, there may need to be a turn around – and even better ..

4 – A very different mindset/head space

Hence the 2 1/2 day training weekends are sometimes offered. If you see one near you – grab it with both hands, spend the weekend with yourself a few like minded women as I (or one of the few other teachers in the Southern Hemisphere) take you on a healing encounter with yourself.

Self Care courses

5 – COST – besides changing your mind set and taking charge of yourself . .


Initial session – $550

Ongoing – $400 each

(at least 3 hours always)

The closer together (hence the offering of programmes to sweeten what you are to do – get it all cleared at once)

Suggestion – sign up for the package below as this way you get all that has ailed you attended to and all that you need to support yourself forever after – all laid out.
PLUS the year’s worth of online membership programmes not just for fertility/pregnancy but also living well in your body – Loving Yourelf better.

I combine all that I have researched in the clinical practice based on individualised care over the past 4 decades. This may include anything from my ‘box of tools’ as the intention is to have you clear of all that has happened to you that is holding you back. As an acupuncture consultant that maybe well mean I use my considerable talents there – and although you may feel that this is not needed – as the most experience in the field of natural body work in maternity around – I go where the body tells me to.
Usually I am the last resort – it would be easier for all that after their first painful period, their first maternal mishap, they seek the wise womanly ways – not the man’s medical model. We all feel and know that life flows are the key. In a woman’s body know that we ‘change with the wind’ – and that our bodies respond to gentling and kindness, not forceful entries. Medical or otherwise

Why ‘Gentling’?

There is always – what lies beneath?
Let us discover together . .

A process that uncovers much.

What Lies Beneath


I have set up a package for women to encourage them to be involved and to experience all that can be. If you want change and permanent and are not afraid of stepping out of your comfort zone (and are fed up with what has still not worked, regardless of your best intentions and all that you have so far thrown at the project).

There are limited ‘seats’ as I am only in Brisbane sometimes

This is a huge investment of me to you.

6 x 3+ hour sessions, a years’ worth of support online – courses to allow you to take charge at home PLUS

Women’s Healing Kit

(All that you need to look after yourself – includes 3 different online home based courses to take over and enjoy playing with your and your loved ones’ bodies – as this is all wise women’s world wide ways of tending).

Do let me know if what you would like to do . .
This is for keeps – often just a few sessions allied with some well placed herbs or natural health advise – and seriously) your endo/woeful period days are over . .

Programme to get started (cheaper pre payment option)

Contact me to learn more – phone +617 3899 2274



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