Nourishing Mothers

Held on the day of the Self Care course
– we cover an introduction from Heather’s vast life experience: clinical, professional, teaching and in her own maternal university of life

‘Nourishing Mothers’ sets the scene, so the self-care weekend has a foundation to sit on past the cultural assumptions and medicalised versions of life that are taken as ‘gospel’.

Here we explore the world wide wise womanly ways of maternity and what it means to be a mum – and the resultant baby and its life when mum is less than able through loss of a real village support – to raise her family.

Nourishing Mothers (Making Better Babies Naturally)
What set us up – our early and pre birth life.

Find out the impact being in-utero, being born, being a baby has had on all who you now are – and if you are to be making a baby – how you can improve the quality of the rest of that precious cargoes’ life – by simply living back to nature in harmony.

All healing tools explained as a pre-requisite into the wonder of the weekend Arvigo® workshop.

Date: Friday 16th February 2018

Time: 09:00 – 4:30pm

Location: Atarau NZ

(shared meal before Self Care starts).

This sets you up to understand how you are and why the work we do in the Self Care course can so profoundly transform all you are – if you do the inner home work I give out for you before you arrive. .

Work the process – as this is immense.

All resources, and meals included $150 extra.
($75 extra if already attending the Self are course)

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